Competition: Win £114.92 ($185 USD) worth of Anti-aging cream


MitoQ is offering Gerard Butler fans an opportunity to win one 50ml powerful antioxidant rejuvenation cream worth £114.92 GBP pounds ($185 USD) . MitoQ is an anti-aging skin care cream. A skin renewal accelerant that works at the cellular level. MitoQ is a patented and revolutionary breakthrough in CoQ delivery science. MitoQ restores and enhances your natural antioxidant defense system and is scientifically proven to deliver CoQ to cellular mitochondria at 1000 times the concentration of other CoQ formulations. MitoQ has a rejuvenative effect on skin cells leading to younger looking skin with youthful levels of collagen and elastin within 30 days. MitoQ has been formulated in a zero irritant hypoallergenic base suitable for all skin types.

Here are just a few testimonials from customers of Mitoq:

“My daughter gave me some of your product to try as my skin is really paper this, and tears easily. I has really helped moisturise my skin and give it some strength.” Elena A.

“Have been using MitoQ for two weeks now – already skin is clearer and has more of a glow. Excited to see what it looks like 4 weeks in x.” Linda H.

“Loving the bottle you sent, been using it about a week now and maybe its just me but I’m finding the appearance under my eyes looking a bit more firm and less ‘saggy’ and my skin just around my chin is firming up to, feels lovely and soft. Can’t wait to see what another week does ” Jemma T.

“The cream has already made my skin fresh in just under a week! No other product has ever done tht for me before! Amazing” Jess B.

For your chance to win a bottle of Motiq, visit our Gerard Butler Competition Page by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

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