Phoenix Fan Fest Competition update and Highlights Film

Many thanks to everyone who entered the Phoenix Fan Fest competition. All the prize tickets have been distributed to the winners. Here is the highlights film of the event. Thanks to Yvonne Wan, Calvin Poon, Yee Nee Ng and Ron Brown for providing film coverage at the event. The team had the privilege of filming interviews with cosplayers, special guest panelists and celebrities such as John Cena; Daniel Bryan, Brie and Nikki Bella, David Harbour, and Millie Bobbie Brown. She also had the privilege of interviewing Dave Beaty and Brian Augustyn. Brian Augustyn is an award-winning comic book editor and writer. His most notable works are The Flash, The Justice League and Impulse. Brian also wrote DC’s first-ever Elseworlds graphic novel, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight followed by a sequel. David “Dave” Beaty is famous for his art work for Marvel Comics and DC Comics such as Batman; Wonder Woman, Xmen, Grifter, Flashpoint and many more!

Here is the Phoenix Fan Fest Highlights 2016 film. Please follow  for more updates. More film content and photography work will be shared soon!




Comicon Films produced by: Yvonne Wan; Calvin Poon, Yee Nee Ng and Ron Brown.
Website maintained by: Yvonne Wan; Calvin Poon, Yee Nee Ng and Ron Brown.

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