Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler



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Name: Gerard James Butler
Date of Birth: 13 November 1969
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Place of Residence: London, New York & LA.
Home: Paisley, Scotland.
Height: 6 foot 2
Hair: Dark Brown, almost Black.
Eye Color: Green, Grey and Blue
Marital Status: Single

Family: Son to Margaret and Edward Butler. He has an older brother and sister. Gerard Butler also has a step father Alex Coll.

Education: Graduated at Law at Glasgow University.
Career: Actor & Producer

Pets: A dog called Lolita


Gerard Butler was formerly a lead singer in a rock band called Speed. The band recorded 3 songs in total, and performed live at Edinburgh Festival.

After graduating in Law, he moved to LA for 18 months and appeared as an extra in ‘The Bodyguard’ movie’. He then returned to Canada to spend time with his father who was diagnosed with cancer. After his death, Gerard undertook a two year traineeship in a top law firm in Edinburgh. Eventually Gerard grew bored of the profession and became increasingly unhappy with his career path. Determined to find work as an actor, Gerard moved to London and worked as a casting assistant at the Mermaid Theater for the play Coriolanus. He then bumped into Steven Berkoff the director, at a local coffee bar and was invited to audition for the role Mark Renton in ‘Trainspotting’. This opportunity lead to further roles that put him on the path to stardom. Gerard Butler is now a major Hollywood actor. His movie Geo Storm releases later this year.