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  1. Nathalie
    August 2

    Bonjour Gérard, je vous trouve très viril et j’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.
    Vous dégager une belle énergie et un charisme fou.
    Dommages que vous ne veniez pas au Quebec, je me déplacerait surement pour vous voir en personne et qui sais vous faire un beau câlin.

  2. Kris Terrill
    July 21

    Dear Mr. Butler,
    I recently introduced my 15 year daughter to Phantom of the Opera that you appeared in. She has watched it over and over, ordered the music box the phantom had in the movie and just ordered the vinyl album. Needless to say she now a BIG FAN of yours. I even got her to watch P,S. I Love You that you also appeared in. I would love to get an autographed picture of you to give her as a surprise and will to purchase if necessary. Her name is Ashlee and this would really make her day if not year if I could get one! Especially if it’s from the Phantom!! Please let me know if this is even possible?

  3. Emma freeman
    August 4

    Hi my 3 year old daughter Amelia absolutely loves you in phantom of the opera…….. I’m having to watch it over and over and over…..(luckily I like it too!!). I’ve taken her to see a youth performance at a local theatre and she will be old enough to see it in London on stage next year.
    She belts out the phantom of the opera song around the house all day long….
    We have spent the afternoon making you pictures. Once I’ve made her (phantom) birthday cake and taken some pictures we will send them all to you in the post. Please watch out for them at the beginning of September!! X

    • Emma freeman
      October 23

      Hopefully you’ve received the birthday picture by now?!

  4. Mary
    August 21

    We are going to Scottland the end of sept this year. I have a very lovely charming daughter we would like to find a Scotsmen for her. Could you give us some nice places to visit that she might find someone like you there . We are great fans love all your movies and have most of them thank you a careing mom

  5. Conny
    September 3

    Dear Mr butler.
    My wife is a big fan of you, and she is soon 40 years Old. My question may seem odd. I whode like you to send her a Picture or a video wishing her happy birthday. Her birthday is 7 oktober. She loves you allready. She vill loves you even Møre. I Hope the best for you. her name is Sabina.

  6. October 5

    My name is hazel longley from england.could you please tell me if mr.butler was in the seychelles on 19th/20th september this year as i had just arrived at the Coral Strands hotel and was sitting by myself the first night near the beach when i was invited over to have a drink with him and 2 other men who were with him.i kept looking at him because i recognised him from movies but could not remember his sounds terrible i know but im an old lady and my grandchildren cant believe i sat there and did not know.he left the next day…thankyou.

  7. Farmers Daughter
    December 21

    Merry Christmas GB. God Bless you in this season of hope and joy and in the New Year!

  8. Farmers Daughter
    February 14

    Happy Valentine’s Day GB. God bless!

  9. Liliane Aleksic
    February 25

    Bonjour; comment etres sur que vous lirer ses quelques mots…on n est jamais sur de rien …enfin je suis sur d une chose je souhaite vous renconter (en vrai)? j habite Belgrade si un jour vous etes de passage se serais cool une rencontre; On peux tjs reves; en tous les cas mes reves sont jolie avec vous dedant?? Dobro doso u Beogradu??

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