Gerard Butler accepts an award for ‘How to train your dragon 2’

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was presented with the Hollywood Animation prize to ‘How to train your dragon 2’ on Friday night.

Jennifer Lopez, who presented the award to Gerard Butler accidentally referred the movie was ‘How to drain your dragon’ twice. Gerard Butler who voiced the character of tribe chief Stoick, poked fun at Jennifer Lopez by saying “Thank you, Jennifer, for that flawless introduction! It’s a double honor tonight because I’m actually getting an award for a movie I didn’t even know I was in, How to Drain Your Dragon. If you thought it was difficult training your dragon, try draining one!”


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  1. Hellen King
    December 22

    Would like to know how long Mr Butler will be in New Orleans filming his new movie,Geostorm? I like Mr Butler movies but would also like to know more about his directing.

  2. February 9

    Thought the film was really wonderful, for adults and children, but can’t forget your portrayal of the phantom in Phantom
    of the Opera, just fantastic, done with such feeling, didn’t get a reply to my letter though! came to Phantom of the Opera late, so unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity yonder in on screen, hope you find what you are looking for soon, all the best for the future Deirdre Robbins

  3. katarzyna grzeskowiak kowalska
    January 15

    hello nice page

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