Gerard Butler interview on Good Morning America with Christopher Cuomo

The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

Gerard Butler appeared on Good Morning America (GMA) again, on the 23d of July 2009.

Gerard Butler previously appeared on GMA a few years ago for an interview with Diane Sawyer. This time, the interview was conducted by Christopher Cuomo.┬áThe interview lasted just under five minutes – which is half the usual air time he is granted by evening chat shows. The duration of the interview however, seemed appropriate because morning tv audiences tend to tune in for short intervals anyway.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Above picture: Gerard Butler interview on Good Morning America 2009

Christopher Cuomo introduced Gerard Butler as “Hollywood’s’ new leading man, actor Gerard Butler”. He reminded the audience who Gerard Butler was, by showing the audience a topless picture of Gerard Butler in 300 the movie. Gerard Butler was caught grinning in response to that picture which quickly dispersed into a conscientious facial expression, as he realized the camera was filming his reaction. If you watch carefully, you can see Gerard Butler biting his lower lip as he realized the camera was watching him closely.

The first topic which was on discussion, was Gerard Butler’s choice of career. Gerard Butler said that he is happy being an actor and doesn’t miss his previous profession as a lawyer. Gerard Butler made a joke that he sometimes have nightmares that he is back in the office. He then went onto saying that he has no regrets about his past. He explained, it was that path that enabled him to become the actor that he is today.

Christopher described Gerard Butler’s personal determination to become an actor, an inspiration.

Christopher Cuomo then noted that 300 is perhaps, one of just a few movies where men actually felt comfortable in saying ‘That guy looks good’. He then queried whether 300 the movie helped Gerard Butler in establishing a large male fan base. Gerard acknowledged that he does have quite a large male fan base and drew references of men bearing tattoos of him on their chests and arms.

Christopher joked that he had one to. Instead of just laughing, Gerard Butler improvised with the host by saying that was a nice job!

Gerard Butler said that he worked really hard to build his body so it matched the masculine standard that the stunt men had on set. He knew that a masculine physique would enable him to fulfil the role with more conviction.

Christopher queried whether Gerard Butler preferred the role in 300 as King Leonadis or The Ugly truth, a guy which Christopher referred as being ‘confused’. Gerard Butler laughed at the wording of that question, then said that he doesn’t think the character is that confused, but perhaps a little bit to outspoken and to certain about his ideology about sex and relationships.

Gerard Butler didn’t state a preference, partly because both movies are very different. He expressed that he had a lot of fun filming The Ugly Truth – and it was nice to step into a romantic comedy movie.

Christopher Cuomo drew parallels between The Ugly Truth’s film setting (a TV morning chat show), and Good Morning America. Christopher asked Gerard whether Good Morning America should talk about relationships in the same manner, to see if the viewing figures would spike? Gerard Butler responded by saying he wouldn’t be surprised if a morning chat show was to employ similar tactics to increase tv ratings. However, he believes that it would cause a lot of mixed reactions.

Christopher then queried whether Gerard Butler identifies with the character he played in The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler joked that he identified with the role a bit, then Christopher quickly gasped “I’m trying to help you here”. Gerard Butler then quickly responded seriously by saying “Not at all. I think there are some similar traits to the personality. I’m definitely a little bit irreverent in my behavior, but I don’t accord to those views. I certainly don’t sell them as my wares”.

Christopher then noted that Gerard Butler made the character rather lovable by the end of the movie, which makes it a very sweet tale.

Gerard Butler agreed that it was his objective to make the character lovable, and by doing so he knew he did a good job.

Although the interview was short, it was an important guest appearance for Gerard Butler in order to raise awareness of his upcoming movie ‘The Ugly Truth’.

It was interesting to see Christopher Cuomo draw parallels between the movie and interview set.

It was nice that Christopher Cuomo used the limited air time he had with Gerard Butler, to allow Gerard Butler an opportunity to distinguish his own personality from the one portrayed in the movie. The reason why this opportunity was important for Gerard Butler, is because the outrageous role that he played in the movie, has potential to damage his image as an actor if the public fails to distinguish between his true identity and the role that he played.

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