Gerard Butler’s interview with Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler on Conan O’brien’s The Late Show, July 16th 2009.


Gerard Butler made another guest appearance on The Tonight show. It has been two years since his last guest appearance on the show. The previous interview was undertaken by Jay Leno. This time, the interview was with Conan O’Brien who recently replaced Jay Leno as the front man for the show. Conan did a good job entertaining his guests and the audience through out the show.

Gerard Butler was on air for a ten minute spot. Topics of discussion, included Gerard Butler’s love life, his relationships with friends and family, and his interactions with the general public.

The interview commenced with a quick compliment from Conan Obrien about Gerry Butler’s performance in 300, which raised an ‘impossible’ physique standard for a lot of men. Conan joked that a lot women became unhappy with their partners physique after watching 300, making a lot of men feel rather inadequate with their less than flattering physique.

Gerard Butler laughed at Conan’s remarks and said that the movie 300 didn’t just change women’s expectations about the idealized male form in general, but it also changed everyone’s expectation of his own physical form even after the movie. Gerry mentioned he gets a lot of surprised comments from the public when he takes his top off at the beach. He said that he no longer has an immaculate six pack because he longer works-out 6 hours a day.

Conan didn’t waste any time asking whether Gerard Butler was dating Jennifer Aniston. The two have been working closely on their upcoming movie ‘The bounty hunter’. Gerry responded with a joke, then said on a serious note that none of the rumors were true about him and Jennifer Aniston – same goes to Cameron Diaz and Joan Rivers.

Conan then swiftly moved onto the subject of Gerard’s attitude towards being a sex symbol. Gerry again, responded with a joke, then said it is much better to be perceived positively than negatively. He has noticed that he does get lot more advances from women, like bum pinching from women, ever since 300 was released. He also gave the example of women getting out of their own way to brush past him even though there is plenty of room for them to pass through without any physical contact.

His friends and family’s approach to his fame has been rather positive. He also said his mother doesn’t think he is very sexy. Gerry pondered for a brief second then followed up with the hope that this assumption is true.

Gerry then went on to talk about his little dog Lolita. He bought her just before 300 was released, under the false expectation it was a dog that would actually grow! Gerry said that the size of his dog was an issue for onlookers because people expected him to have a butch macho dog. Thanks to his dog Lolita, it did not take him long to become “The guy from 300 with his little dog”.

Gerard Butler talks about his upcoming movie the Ugly Truth.

The movie releases on the 24th July 09 in the USA, 14th Aug 09 in the UK.

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