Gamer UK release date postponed leaving Gerard Butler fans and movie goers confused and disappointed!

Although the movie Gamer is scheduled for release tomorrow in the USA, the movie release date for Gamer in the UK has been postponed last minute from the 4th of September to the 18th September 2009 in the UK.

The old UK movie release date remains incorrect on a majority of online websites, digital assets and offline media – including the official UK website for Gamer the movie (Time of reporting 3/9/2009 2300hrs).

This has caused considerable confusion for movie goers and Gerard Butler fans, due to the conflicting movie release dates advertised and marketed in the media and online.

UK Gerard Butler fans and movie goers are disappointed with the last minute release date postponement – as this is one of the most eagerly anticipated Gerard Butler action movies this year.

In addition, fans and movie goers in the UK are concerned that they may not be able to watch the movie because their official website and online marketing communications have not specified the films age rating in the UK. There is no doubt that the movie is hugely anticipated by many teenagers from the online gaming community. If the movie is rated 18, then there will be a lot of very disappointed movie goers.

In the mean time, the movie releases as scheduled in the USA.

The rating is definately an ‘R’ in the USA. R rating means individuals under the age of 17 may watch the movie providing they are accompanied by a parent or an adult gaurdian.

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