Gerard Butler at the Avatar Premiere

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler attended the Avatar Film Premiere at the 6th Annual Dubai International Film Festival 15/12/2009 and was presented with the Variety International Star of the Year Award.

In an interview, Gerard Butler quoted “It feels pretty good to get this award. I don’t win a lot of things I think I won a raffle once. My manager came in a few months ago jumping up and down and said I’d won and it was great. It also gave me a chance to come back to Dubai… I love coming here. I came once before for the biggest show I’ve ever seen in my life at The Atlantis.”

Gerard Butler was excited to be in Dubai. He was happy to speak with the press, media and fans about his background and upcoming films such as the Bounty Hunter and How to train your Dragon.

Gerard Butler acknowledged at the Dubai International Film Festival Press conference, that it is very difficult to please everyone in the world of film and media. Some people might think he’s a good actor, and some might think otherwise. He also referred to the film ‘Reign of Fire’ as an example. Some critics felt there weren’t enough dragons, and some felt there were more than enough.

Gerard Butler has learned to just do what he does, to the best of his ability and not take it to seriously. The bottom line is that he loves to entertain, which is why he is in this profession.

Gerard Butler was proud to receive the Variety International Star of the Year Award on Stage. His acceptance speech ended with the following joke “Thank you for all the screaming, you made me feel very sexy!”

Gerard Butler accepted a number of questions on stage and also from the audience.

Gerard Butler talked about his background, student days, being class a clown and flirting with all the girls. He said studying law was not a waste of time because it was a crucial part of his development in terms of identity, the way he moves and the way he ticks. Being at university taught him how to apply himself, how to use his brain and discipline himself. For example, from a technical perspective, he knows how to look at a script and break it down. He is also good at organizing and preparing for different roles, and knows how make everything happen and work together more effectively. He acquired these valuable skills at university and also through general life experience. He wouldn’t change a thing he has done in the past.

Gerard Butler shared two key stories from his past with the audience:

The first story, was in relation to his first day in theater. He remembered that on his first professional day as an on stage theater actor (Coriolanus), he was stabbed in the eye with a wooden stake by a fellow actor. His eye was badly bruised for 2 whole weeks.

The second story, was in relation to his first day on film, which was Mrs Brown, Gerard Butler said the story was filmed in freezing cold weather. He recalled that he had difficulties going to the toilet and ended up with hypothermia with Billy Connelly. Gerard Butler revealed that in the film Mrs Brown, he had to run into the sea naked. Although the female audience was screaming with excitement with this thought, Gerard Butler explained it was not an attractive scene because he was “shriveled up” all over.

Gerard Butler then revealed that he would be willing to accept a low budget role in pursuit of a good story that was in line with his interests as an actor. He gave the example of Coriolanus the film, which doesn’t pay a lot. However, to him the project is worth while because it is important and of value to him personally.

Gerard Butler was asked to describe Dubai in 1 sentence. The words Gerard Butler chose were: Flashy, sexy, fascinating, warm & interesting.

The last question from the audience, was a marriage proposal from a Gerard Butler fan. Gerard Butler joked he would have to check with his manager (an obvious cry for help). Gerry accepted the proposal in a jokily manner when he realised Alan (his manager) had no intention of rescuing him from that awkward situation.

Gerard Butler closed the interview session by saying ‘PS I love you to”.

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