Gerard Butler interview as Glasgow Film Offices Ambassador

Gerard Butler, the Scottish Paisely born actor has been appointed the new ambassador for the Glasgow Film Office. The Glasgow Film Office represents an umbrella of organisations under the Glasgow Film Partnership, such as Glasgow City Council, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Opera, The Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Gerard Butler is thrilled to promote the city of Glasgow as a leading location for film production.

The partnership aims to make Glasgow more attractive and accessible to film production companies by simplifying the process involved in localised filming. In the last 12 months, the Glasgow Film Office approved 15 production film scenes in Glasgow such as The Last Word starring Ewan Mcgregor. Film and TV production generated £18m last year and The Glasgow film office has higher targets set for 2009/2010.
In a video interview, Gerard Butler said:

“I’m very honored to be asked to be Glasgow Film Office’s ambassador, anything I can do to support the local film and television industry is worthwhile…I wish Glasgow Film Office every success in the launch of the Glasgow Film Partnership and hope the benefits of this new initiative will lead to increased production in the city very soon.”

Gerard Butler interview on Filming in Glasgow:

“I’ve made a movie here and I’ve found that this is maybe one the most film friendly places I’ve ever worked. There was never any issues with [the] locations and the crews were incredible and [also] friendly. [Even though] my experience with ‘Dear Frankie’ was [limited to] a very small budget, it was one of the most pleasant, fun & easy going experiences [I’ve had to date]. [There are] great facilities & great crews. You can do all kinds of movies here; whether it’s historical dramas, action, thrillers, all kinds of architecture, whether its historical or modern. In Glasgow you can have a small city feel, large city feel and you are also very close to the country side as well.

In terms of logistics, it’s actually not a huge city but if you go to the centre of Glasgow it feels like a big city. It’s easy to get across [because] you’re not going to get stuck in ridiculous traffic jams. Working in London, it usually takes me an hour, and an hour and a half to get into work. Even in America its the same situation. I’ve just made a movie in New York, [and well,] traveling is just a night mare. You don’t get that here”

Would you like to film in Glasgow again?
“Yes. Absolutely. This is something I’ve been looking to… the best time I’ve… had in making a movie and was most proud of… was maybe a tiny film which meant so much to so many people is ‘Dear Frankie’. I think that is because it had so many elements of what makes up of a good story which also came out of this great city. The cheek and fun; and yet the sweetness, loveliness and warmth and it showed so much about the city… I just find that very endearing…To get a chance to come back and tell a Scottish story, and not even a Scottish story but to set it here in Glasgow, and get a chance to come back home and do something where I belong to. I would jump at the chance”.

Gerard Butler Quote on his next Scottish Project Burns:
“Burns will happen I hope one of these days. We’re kind of shaping the whole thing up right now. We’re going to try a different writer and a different approach… because its not without problems but its definitely a story that should be told.”

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