Gerard Butler interview on How to train your dragon

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson and America Ferrara recently accepted an interview on How to train your Dragon the movie.

How to train your Dragon the movie, is a story about a Viking teenager called Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) who unwittingly befriends a dragon. His mission was to persuade his people to ally with the creatures, and not to kill them.

Gerard Butler is very excited to be involved in the makings of How to Train Your Dragon. It is a great opportunity for him to be involved in a project in the animation genre. He compares the on boarding experience for How to train your dragon with 300 the movie. Gerard Butler feels the excitement level is very similar to 300, especially when he was presented with the storyboards for the animation. Gerard Butler says is great to be involved in a story that appeals to everyone.

Gerard Butler reveals the process involved in training his voice for How to train your dragon. It was a slow learning process for him to harness his voice for the animation. Although the job sounds easy, it requires skill to project his voice with conviction.

Gerard Butler reveals the moral of the story to ‘How to train your dragon’, is to appreciate and embrace diversity; not to be fearful of things that are different and unfamiliar – and learning to be more open minded.

“For kids, I would love it if they get out of this just a respect for things that they don’t know; a tolerance for other things…because we live in a world full of fear and anger. [The movie is] about fear and letting go and really trying to discover what is out there, and embracing the differences between people’s cultures.” (Gerard Butler Quote on How to train your dragon movie)
The animation has some beautiful aerial sequences, especially when hiccup rides his dragon. In the interview Craig Ferguson who is a qualified pilot in real life, drew parallels between flying a dragon and a real plane:

“I watched it with a buddy of mine who’s also a pilot and I said, ‘That’s why I fly planes.’ And he said, ‘Me too. That’s why I fly planes.’ Just because of that feeling you get just at the end of that ride on the dragon, it’s fantastic.” (Craig Ferguson quote on How to train your dragon movie)

Craig Ferguson made some humorous comments with regards to his preferred acting style:

“I’m very method. I would wear Viking clothing, which made it very difficult to record because all the breast plates and swords clink and it drives the microphones crazy. But hey, if you want me in your movie you’ve got to be prepared for unreasonable behavior.” (Craig Ferguson quote on How to train your dragon movie)

Craig Ferguson said that the movie is actually really good. He joked that he doesn’t know why he is in the movie, because he usually tries to get into movies that are crap. He said How to Train your dragon would ruin his career trajectory:

“Everyone will say…wait a minute, he’s the guy who does crap…Most people who enjoy my crap will feel cheated!” (Craig Ferguson quote on How to train your dragon movie)

America Ferrara (actress from Ugly Betty) revealed that although people would assume her appearance was not important for this animation, her facial features were actually filmed on camera to help the animators translate her facial movements into the animation itself.

America Ferrara said the film is “about fulfilling your imagination’s wildest dreams.”

Craig Ferguson said that the moral of the film is to confront your fears:

“the thing that you fear, can help you over come that fear” (Quote: Craig Ferguson interview on How to train your dragon)

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