Jennifer Aniston changes her name from Casidy to Nicole in The Bounty Hunter

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Film production for The Bounty Hunter movie has come to a closure after months of intense filming at various film locations such as: Far Rockaway Queens New York, New York Brooklyn, Monmouth Park Race track in Oceanport, Golf course in NYC & Atlantic City New Jersey.
The press and media have been following the production of The Bounty Hunter very closely, due to high public interest in Gerard Butler’s and Jennifer Aniston’s working and personal relationship. Although the media have been keen to speculate that the two are romantically linked, Gerard Butler confirms that they are not dating (Source: Gerard Butler interview on kissing Jennifer AnistonGerard Butler interview on Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz & Joan Rivers).

Sony Pictures have now released the first official trailer for The Bounty Hunter, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.

The Trailer confirms months of uncertainty regarding the project’s official name. The project underwent various project name changes such as Bounty Hunter, The Bounty, The Bounty Hunter and Bounty (Source: Gerard Butler interview on The Bounty Hunter).

Although the film titles considered were very similar, the latency in confirming the movie’s official name did cause some confusion for people following the movie’s development, especially online. Now that the movie title has been confirmed, online publishers and search engines are able to consolidate all the information under one main subject category title. This has simplified the process of sourcing information regarding this movie more quickly and efficiently.

There have been various other changes to the movie since news regarding the movies plot was first released to Reuters and various other sources in back in June 2009.

For example, we have noticed that the film producers have changed the name of Jennifer Aniston’s character from Casidy to Nicole. Sony Pictures have not yet communicated this change to the press or media, which explains why a majority of online sources are still referring to Jennifer Aniston’s character as ‘Casidy’ instead of ‘Nicole’. (Source: Gerard Butler refers to Jennifer Aniston as ‘Nicole’ in the The Bounty Hunter trailer. The Bounty Hunter Trailer Script).

There is also a slight possibility that the original plot that was shared with the press and media back in June 2009, may have changed. To elaborate, in the original plot, Jason Sudeikis’s character (Stewart) is supposed to form a love triangle between Gerard Butler’s and Jennifer Aniston’s character.

However, the official The Bounty Hunter trailer does not draw any reference to the love triangle created by Jason Sudeikis’s character (Stewart). It is possible that the story line remains unchanged and that Sony Pictures simply chose to exclude footage regarding this third person dynamic in the 2 minute 31 second film trailer.

However, it is also possible that Jason Sudeikis’s role in this movie, has been altered without the press and media’s knowledge. Sony needs to improve their media relations in order to communicate the correct information onto prospective movie goers. This site will be updated as further information is released.

On a different note The Bounty Hunter Age rating has yet to be confirmed as this has yet to be classified by the board of film classifications. This information is important because it will manage movie goers expectations (especially those with a younger demographic) on whether they will be able to watch the movie. It is good that Sony has learned to enable potential movies goers to access the latest news regarding the movies age rating easily, by including a link that goes from their main website directly to the board of film classifications.

Gerard Butler fans are relieved that Sony have made some improvements to their online communications, following their failure to communicate the age rating for the last Gerard Butler movie ‘Gamer’.

Fans are still desperately waiting for more information on The Bounty Hunter. Unfortunately there isn’t any information on The Bounty Hunter’s official site apart from a trailer, at this point in time.

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