Gerard Butler gets frisked by an over excited interviewer at the Golden Globe Awards

Gerard Butler was frisked by an over-excited interviewer at the Golden Globes on the 17th January 2010.

Gerard Butler was grabbed by two beautiful ladies who fought hard for Gerry’s attention and affection on the red carpet.

The two ladies had been downing large quantities of caffeine prior to the interview, and were extremely hyper to meet Gerard Butler in person.

One of the interviewers was so excited to meet Gerry, that she frisked his torso live on national television!

Gerard Butler left the interviewers with his clothes intact. Gerard Butler wore D&G at the Golden Globes Awards. He has donated his clothes to charity, to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake victims.

We have published below, two video clips from the Golden Globes Awards 2010.

The first interview clip, features two keen interviewers trying to fight for his attention and affection.

The second interview clip features Gerard Butler at the Golden Globes after party. The video also features Jennifer Garner and David Duchovny.

Although Gerard Butler did present with Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globe Awards and attended the same Golden Globes after party at Sunset Tower Hotel (away from the glitzy after party at Beverly Hilton) – Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were not actually together.

According to a source, Jennifer was with a group of friends, and evidently, Gerard Butler attended the InStyle/WB party at the Hilton alone.

Video: Gerard Butler at the Golden Globes Awards 2010 Red Carpet

Video: Gerard Butler at the Golden Globes after party with Jennifer Garner, David Duchovny & others.


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