Gerard Butler in a Kilt. Get ready for Burns Night

Burns night is soon approaching and will take place on the 25th January 2010.

Burns Night, otherwise known as Robert Burns day or Burns Nicht, is a celebration of the life of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet and lyricist. Robert Burns was the pioneer of the Romantic movement and a great source of inspiration to the founders of socialism and liberalism. He is a cultural icon in Scotland and has been extremely influential in Scottish literature.

Burns suppers are common in Scotland on Burns Night, among expatriate Scots (such as Gerard Butler) and people who appreciate Burns poetry and Scottish history.

Burns night and Burns suppers are a Scottish tradition, dating back to the 18th Century. Traditional celebrations vary, but mostly include Scottish Kilts, Haggis, Scotch Whisky and some poems by Robert Burns.

Here is a picture of Gerard Butler in a Kilt.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

If you are interested in visiting Scotland (Gerard Butler’s homeland) in time for Burns Night, then it worth planning in advance.

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