Gerard Butler interview at the Golden Globe Awards

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

This article comprises of 1 interview transcript and two Gerard Butler interviews at the Golden Globe Awards.

Gerard Butler gets wet on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globe Awards.
Gerard Butler addresses rumours about being romantically linked with Jennifer Aniston with a joke.
The Bounty Hunter is scheduled for release in March 2010.
Gerard Butler Golden Globe Awards 2010 Interview Transcript on The Golden Globes, Jennifer Aniston and his latest film, The Bounty Hunter.

Interviewer: I am right here with a hunk of a man. The great Gerard Butler. Hello Buddy.
Gerard Butler: Good Description! I hope you enjoyed that break because I have been standing here in the rain, for you to
get back to us.
Interviewer: [Laughter] What made you so grumpy? Look at you. You are so rich. You’re handsome, powerful.
Gerard Butler: I had a couple of hit movies. I think I am special now.
Interviewer: Yeah. You’re making a movie now with Jennifer Aniston – The Bounty Hunter.
Gerard Butler: Yes.
Interviewer: When does that come out?
Gerard Butler: It comes out in March.
Interviewer: Did she have a hard time keeping her hands off you while making the movie?
Gerard Butler: No. Not really. I let her. So it was quite easy for her (Joke)
Interviewer: Gerard, if you think this tuxedos is going to stay dry, for the next half hour. You’re wrong.
Gerard Butler: It would have stayed dried if I hadn’t waited around for this interview. (Joke)
Interviewer: Let me pull this thing away(umbrella). You’re getting wet. There you go. Alright man. Have a good time inside right?
Gerard Butler: Alright

Gerard Butler Golden Globe Awards 2010 Video
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Gerard Butler at the Golden Globe Awards 2009 : Compare the outfits!
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