Gerard Butler interview: Fun and Fearless Male Award

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was listed as one of the top Fun Fearless Males of 2010 in February 2010 ‘s issue of Cosmo Magazine.

The issue includes a 1 page spread of Gerard Butler with 1 introductory paragraph and 4 short interview questions and answers.

The magazine issue is only available in the USA. Therefore we have published the very short Gerard Butler interview online, to help Gerard Butler fans who live outside the USA, to follow Gerard Butler’s dialogue with the public.

Gerard Butler Interview: Fun Fearless Males 2010
Magazine: Cosmo Magazine February 2010

Pick up any tabloid and you’re bound to read gossip about the scores of women Gerard Butler is supposedly dating. Of course, it’s just that; totally unfounded gossip. In reality the talented Scottish actor is way to busy whipping out film after film. And looking at all his movies, its obvious that he’s not just gorgeous, but he’s also incredibly versatile. He’s played a warrior in 300, a womanizer in the Ugly truth, and a tormented widower in Law Abiding Citizen (he produced it too!). In March, he stars as a hired agent who’s chasing his ex in The Bounty Hunter and lends his luscious voice to the animated flick How to Train your Dragon.

So All those rumours about you dating various starlets – any of them true?
Not one of them. There literally hasn’t been a single rumour in the past two years that was true.

How was shooting the Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston?
Well, we had a lot of paparazzi. There were about 40 of them standing there. Then there would be rumours about us being spotted in a car together. Well we were filming!

What kind of dates do you like best?
Sometimes I will tell a girl to meet me on a bridge so we can walk. I think you can learn more about a person when you’re not just sitting at dinner repeating information about yourself.

What is the most fearless thing you’ve done?
I was swimming in Australia with some guys I was filming with when we found out we were in tiger-shark breeding grounds. Nobody wanted to say “Oh, I’m getting out.” I was thinking, What will it feel like if this thing takes my leg?

– Gerard Butler Cosmopolitan interview by Bethany Heitman

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