Gerard Butler’s $60,000 Brunch

daniel_craig Gerard Butler comes out to support Haitian earthquake victims

On the 24th January 2010, celebrities such as Gerard Butler; Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz visited Paul Haggis’s home in Brentwood for brunch.

The purpose of the brunch, was to gather some of the most influential artists in Hollywood to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Haiti. The event raised 4 million dollars through Artists for Peace and Justice for immediate relief and rebuilding the infrastructure and schools in Haiti.
The attendees at the brunch pledged over $50,000 per year for five years for this cause. In addition, Javier Bardem and Anna Lynne McCord pledged $10,000 for the next ten years.

Although the recent earthquake in Haiti devastated thousands of lives,hope remains in the ashes of this terrible disaster. Thanks to the help received, Haiti will be able to rebuild itself and move on from this terrible experience.

If you have not yet donated funds to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake, you can still make a big difference by donating what you can to charities such as Save the Children.

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