Golden Globe Awards 2010: Overview of an Enchanting Event

The 2010 Golden Globe Awards was a huge success. The start of the event found big names in Hollywood (such as Robert Pattinson, Gerard Butler, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, and Leonardo DiCaprio) making their way down the red carpet amidst a host of bright flashes and cheering fans. A light shower accompanied the celebrates but their soaring spirits were not dampened. As Gerard Butler and other stars strolled (umbrellas in hand) down the crimson lane, some fans wondered why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Jennifer Aniston’s ex husband) did not make an appearance.

According to sources, Brad Pitt said in a statement that his absence was due to the fact that he was not personally nominated for an award and wanted to spend valuable time with Angelina Jolie and his kids. Regardless of this unusual absence, however, those who attended found themselves caught up in the excitement and glamor of the moment; in essence spellbound by the beautiful faces and flashing lights.

Golden Globes Awards

As the evening event began millions of viewers from around the world tuned in to watch Ricky Gervais make his opening speech. The evening started off with the announcement of which film won the best picture award. Countless people sat in anticipation when suddenly a loud voice from the back of the room announced Avatar as the 2010 Golden Globe winner of the best picture award. The camera panned around the room catching the smiling faces of world famous celebrity George Clooney, Jane Lynch, and Lea Michele. James Cameron (the world rebound director of Avatar) came up to claim the prestigious trophy and the show rolled on to the next topic: The presentation of the best motion picture music or comedy award. As it turned out, The Hangover claimed this renowned prize accompanied by a round of thunderous applause.

As the best picture awards concluded, James Cameron (director of Avatar) proudly took his seat and Ricky Gervais led the show onward into the key actor recognition segment. Jeff Briggs from Crazy Heart claimed the best dramatic actor award, and Sandra Bullock subsequently received resounding recognition for her brilliant role in the film Blind Side. The best actress comedy or musical award was presented to revered actress Meryl Streep who received the award with a beaming smile. Mo Nique stole the attention of the audience with the reception of the “best supporting actress award” for her performance in Precious. As she held the Glimmering golden award in hand, her expression of humility stirred the hearts of the audience. The onlookers sat spellbound as she tearfully exclaimed “Let me say, thank you God for this amazing ride.” The camera panned around the auditorium catching a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan in her dazzling hooded top amongst other celebrities, and the night rolled on.

In short, this years 67th Golden Globe award ceremony was a huge, glamorous success. Ricky Gervais proved to be a wonderful host and his witty humor had the audience laughing hysterically more than once. Amusement resounded as Ricky Gervias joked riotously about Angelina Jolie, Hugh Laurie, and Kiefer Sutherland:

“How could you replace Kiefer Sutherland in Twenty Four? Can you imagine a real secret service agent trying to diffuse a bomb in one hour? Some of those scenes, by the way, where Kiefer grabs someone and beats them to a pulp, they weren’t even in the script. The director just said keep rolling we will work it in.” Quote: Ricky Gervais Golden Globe Awards 2010

As the event came to a close, the celebrities departed as eloquently as they had arrived. Limousines rolled into the parking lot, and carried Hollywood’s finest off to high end after parties. Lines of cars filed out of the lot yet, for some, the night had merely begun. The Hilton and Sunset Tower Hotel housed exciting after parties, and lucky night owls caught glimpses of celebrities such as Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston partying the night away.

Fancy cars and flashing lights may seem strange to some, yet to celebrities this is a way of life. This years Golden Globes was a wonderful success and, as Gerard Butler fans anxiously look forward to next years ceremony, the 2010 Golden Globes will always be remembered for what it was: An exciting, spirited, and captivating event.

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