Law Abiding Citizen Box office success for first time producer Gerard Butler

Law Abiding Citizen is performing really well at the box office.

First time producer and major Hollywood actor Gerard Butler is very pleased with the success of this movie.

According to the latest statistics, the value of box office sales worldwide is estimated at an approximate $98,046,254 Gross.

Considering the production budget was set at $53,000,000, this movie has so far turned an impressive return on investment

The movie has yet to be released in 3 markets:
Singapore 14 January 2010
Australia 28 January 2010
Italy 16 April 2010

Therefore the overall worldwide box office sales will increase even further as we enter the second financial quarter of 2010.

The movie is available to purchase on DVD and Blu Ray.

The DVD special features include:

  • Audio Commentary Featuring Producers Lucas Foster and Alan Siegal
  • The Justice System; Law In Black and White – Behind the Scenes with Director F. Gary Gray, Producer Lucas Foster and Actors Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx
  • Preliminary Arguments – The Visual Effects of Law Abiding Citizen
  • The Verdict – Winning Trailer Mash-up!
  • Law Abiding Citizen DVD and Blu ray release dates:
  • Canada: February 16th 2010
  • USA: February 16th 2010
  • UK: April 5th 2010

Law Abiding Citizen Vital statistics:

  • Production budget: $53,000,000
  • Box office sales 80 days since release (1/1/2010): Source NASH
  • Total US Gross $72,996,254
  • International Gross $25,050,000
  • Worldwide Gross $98,046,254


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