Will Gerard Butler promote How to train your Dragon the movie for the Japanese Market?

The movie release date for How to train your dragon the movie is soon approaching in March for the UK and USA.

These poster graphics have been specifically released for the Japanese, British and American market.

How to train your dragon How to train your dragon How to train your dragon

The trailer below is localized to suit the Japanese market. The advertising communication is more romanticized, with an emphasis on cuteness, anime and enchantment.

In Japan, it could be argued that the animation industry is more advanced than the USA. Shows cover virtually every genre in the form of tv shows, Original Animation Videos (OAVs or OVAs) and feature film. Competition will be tough in Japan, due to the volume and high standard of animations in the Japanese market. Localization will help this animation to succeed in Japan.

How to train your dragon official trailer in Japanese

If we compare the Western and Japanese trailers, it is clear that the Western trailers are more theatrical; dramatic, humorous & Western, drawing credits from American animations such as Shrek.

The Japanese trailer introduces the viewer to the enchanting world within this movie, and the film’s plot. This is achieved by showing the audience clips from the movie, carefully selected music & localised communication through the voice of a narrator. The Japanese trailer does not however, enable the audience to listen to the localized voices of the characters.

Although Gerard Butler has a huge fan following in Japan, it is unlikely that Gerard Butler will contribute to the localized release of How to train your dragon in Japan.

Dreamworks are more likely to hire local Japanese celebrities to provide the voices for the Japanese animation release.

Having said this, Dreamworks may choose to to offer Gerard Butler a small role in the Japanese release for this movie, if they perceive there is sufficient commercial value in attracting Gerard Butler fans to watch the animation in both languages.

Although some Japanese fans watch Gerard Butler movies in English, there are some Japanese fans who watch Gerard Butler movies that are either dubbed or have sub titles.

If Gerard Butler does not lend his voice for the Japanese version of this animation, then Gerard Butler fans that have limited English vocabulary may choose not to watch this animation because they are unable to connect with the star.

There have been many instances when Western actors have been hired to promote Japanese goods and services. Eg: Kiefer Sutherland for Calorie Mate, Richard Gere for Dandy House and Ewan Mcgregor for Roots Coffee. David and Victoria Beckham for TBC.

It would be great to see Gerard Butler promote How to train your dragon for the Japanese Market. There is no doubt that Gerard Butler fans worldwide will find it intriguing and entertaining to listen to Gerard Butler speak with a Japanese Scottish accent.

If there isn’t such an opportunity, it would be great for Gerard Butler’s agent to secure some International advertising opportunities for Gerard Butler in 2010.

Japanese ads featuring Western Celebrities tend to spread extremly rapidly online. The amount of publicity that a Japanese advertising campaign can generate for Gerard Butler, makes the Japanese market worth considering in particular. Many Western celebrities have benefited signficantly from appearing in Japanese advertising campaigns. Therefore it would very beneficial for Gerard Butler to broaden his commercial portfolio.

Gerard Butler participated in a few advertising campaigns in the past, including Polaroid, and GAP.

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