Gerard Butler learns to speak Japanese

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

We are taking a look at some of our favourite Gerard Butler Interviews to date.

The video displayed below depicts a hilarious interview with Gerard Butler conducted by a Japanese interviewer.

The Japanese interviewer was incredibly excited to be in Gerard Butler’s presence. The interview was on the topic of the movie Dear Frankie, starring Gerard Butler.

The interviewer said that, since the movie is set in Scotland, she wanted Gerry Butler to tell her a bit more about Scotland.

Gerard Butler responded by describing Scotland as a historical and romantic place, a small location with very friendly people like him.

The interviewer said she would love to visit Scotland with Gerard Butler! Gerard Butler accepted her invitation, fulfilling her wildest dreams by saying he would call his mother and arrange a meeting. The interviewer almost passed out!

The interviewer then asked Gerard Butler to teach her some Scottish words. The dialogue is entertaining! Gerard Butler explained the phrase he was teaching meant ‘It’s a beautiful moon light night tonight’

The interviewer then offered to teach Gerard Butler ‘Thank you very much in Japanese’. Gerard Butler was a natural in learning that phrase. In fact, this is not the first time that Gerard Butler has attempted to grasp the Japanese language.

Gerard Butler then asked the interviewer how to say ‘Give me a kiss’ in Japanese. The interviewer was blushing immensely in response to Gerry Butler’s question and changed the subject immediately. She explained he was making her hot and excited like a steam train.

The interviewer then asked whether Gerard Butler wanted to co-start with a Japanese actress, and offered Gerard Butler a script! Gerard Butler was surprised that she came equipped with a script to The Phantom of the Opera. The two sang a quick duet in front of the camera.

The interviewer then asked Gerard Butler for advice on how to speak better English. Gerard Butler responded by saying, “Speak less Japanese” – followed by a quick chuckle. Then on a serious note, he said that even though he doesn’t speak other languages, he does try other accents. He finds that he gets better by embarrassing himself and just trying in general.


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