Gerard Butler celebrates Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday in Mexico

Aniston and Butler in Cabo Aniston and Butler in Cabo

This is a follow up article on Gerard Butler’s invitation to Jennifer Anistons 41st Birthday party.

Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox & Sheryl Crow jetted off to an exclusive beachside villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming 41st birthday.

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming movie ‘The Bounty Hunter’ is scheduled for release in March.

The two actors have been publicizing the movie by fueling rumors that the two maybe romantically linked. Although some Gerard Butler fans believe there maybe some romance between the two actors, some Gerard Butler fans believe the two are simply putting on a performance for publicity purposes.

Although the celebrities jetted away to Mexico to celebrate on a private resort, it is clear that Gerard Butler was expecting company (the paparazzi or perhaps a huge whale). Gerard Butler is pictured above, holding a pair of binoculars (6 February 2010).

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