Gerard Butler spends Valentines day in Brazil

Gerard Butler News – Gerard Butler spends Valentines day in Brazil – Video

Gerard Butler flew out to Brazil to celebrate Valentines day in Rio de Janeiro. Gerard Butler greeted the paparazzi at the airport with a warm smile and a friendly hand wave. Gerard Butler was accompanied by his manager Alan Siegel who is also a partner of his production company Evil Twins.

Gerard Butler stayed at the Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio de Janeiro and was spotted absorbing the sun whilst topless on the hotel’s balcony (14 February 2010).

On Saturday 13th February 2010, Gerard Butler met up with Rodrigo Santoro who previously co-starred with him in 300. The pair had a lot to catch up on since their last meeting, and seemed genuinely happy to be in each other’s company. Gerard Butler And Rodrigo Santoro toured the area of Copacabana to experience the festivities of the great Brazilian Carnival.

Gerard Butler partied away at the Copacabana Palace in Rio De Janeiro after the carnival. Gerard Butler wore two different carnival masks, including a yellow and blue sequined mask and white shirt. He spent the most part of the evening chatting with Carnival performers, various locals and some exceptionally beautiful ladies such as Brazilian pin-up girl Rita Guedes.

In an interview, Gerard Butler quoted:
“It’s the third time I’ve been to Rio and every time I come it’s the same feeling I do not want to leave. It is the most beautiful, most wonderful of all cities”

We have posted below, a Gerard Butler video of him on stage with Madonna and Rodrigo Santoro in Brazil.


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