Gerard Butler to fly out to Haiti

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Above picture: Celebrities that are currently supporting Artists for Peace and Justice: Madeleine Stowe, Marcia Cross, Maria Bello, Olivia Wilde, Gerard Butler, Javier Bardem, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Macy Gray, Paul Haggis, Penelope Cruz, Chris Ludacris, Daniel Craig, Piece Brosnan.

This article is a follow up on Gerard Butler’s recent charitable actions.

We have just acquired 4 new videos featuring Gerard Butler.

The first video, is a Gerard Butler charity appeal for the victims of Haiti. Gerard Butler confirmed his involvement in a charity called Artists for Justice and Peace. He mentioned that the charity has supported Haiti prior to the 7.0 earthquake, and that he will be supporting this charity in the long term.

The second video features Jimmy Jean Louis and Gerard Butler.

Jimmy Jean Louis was very emotional when he spoke about the Haiti tragedy:

“I could smell dead bodies everywhere – and I am so familiar with it now. The feeling that I have right now [long pause] is that I’ve just lost my country. I really did.” Quote Jimmy Jean Louis Interview on the Haiti Earthquake.

In the following interview, Gerard Butler revealed he will be flying out to Haiti to see what he can do in person.

The third video features Gerard Butler, who talks about how he relates to the earthquake in Haiti on a personal level.

The fourth video features Gerard Butler talking to Reelz at the Artists for Peace and Justice event in Santa Monica last week.

Gerard Butler joked about the presenters make-up, then revealed on a serious note, that he will continue with relief efforts by visiting Haiti in person. He will support the victims of Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake by sponsoring a school and follow up on the children’s progress as they develop into adulthood.

More funds are their way to help the victims in Haiti. Simon Cowell has recorded a charity single scheduled for release today. The charity single ‘Everybody hurts’ (originally by REM) features Miley Cyrus; Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi.

If you have not yet donated funds to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake, you can still make a big difference by donating what you can to charities such as ‘Artists forPeace and Justice’ and Save the Children.


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