Gerard Butler addresses gender identification rumors

Hollywood mega star Gerard Butler made an appearance at Cosmopolitan’s 2010 Bachelor of the year awards on Monday March 1 2010. The ceremony was held at the elaborate Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York City , and Gerard Butler fans will agree that it was, indeed an intriguing night. Kellan Lutz , Ed Westwick (from Gossip Girl ) Gerard Butler, Ne-Yo , and Seann William Scott were each nominated as the winners of the 2010 Fun and Fearless Males event, and Gerard Butler was interviewed several times on topics ranging from bizarre recent rumors to his take on his new “Fun and fearless title.”

Gerard Butler humorously sums up some his weirdest recent rumors. Apparently gender identification rumors aren’t just for celebrities like Lady Gaga . Even manly men like Gerard Butler sometimes get labeled as the wrong gender, but what can anyone say… It happens. Apparently All it takes is a drunk journalist with a lot of time on his hands. As if being called a woman isn’t bad enough though, poor Gerard Butler was also accused of habitually carrying his mother’s home made jam with him to local cafes and putting it on scones! What could possibly be worse than that?

“Then there was one about jam – apparently, I like to go into cafes and order scones and take out my mother’s homemade jam, and I take it with me everywhere. And in the same article, it said apparently Johnny Depp likes to travel with his own toilet seat.” – Gerard Butler quote.

Check out this exciting interview. Gerard Butler shares his thoughts on what it means to be a fun and fearless man. It means being one of 12 other men: Kellan Lutz, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick, Ne Yo, Chris O’donnell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dr. Mehmet OZ, Nathan Fillion, Terrell Owens, Stephen Moyer, Josh Schwartz, and Seann William Scott, were also nominated as fun and fearless males. No wonder the Scottish actor feels “duped.” As he puts it, “I would rather be the best or the worst at something.” Poor Gerard had a winning speach put together but, as it turnned out, fun and fearless is to broad a title to be claimed by one man alone.

With all of this talk on fun and fearlessness, I’m sure you’re dying to see what this year’s nominees themselves have to say about the topics. Are they fun, fearless, or some hybrid combination of both? Take a look at this brief clip to find out. Gerard Butler’s answer may surprise you.

In addition, in this brief clip, some of the most intriguing celebrities give their personal perspectives of what it means to be fun and fearless. Those two simple words can embody a very broad spectrum of definitions. As Gerard Butler puts it “I’ve always tried to see the fun in things even if I’m not feeling fun inside, I always try to have fun on the outside. There’s nothing better than trying to keep everybody else up and make them smile.”


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