Pictures & Videos from The Bounty Hunter Film Premiere

The Bounty Hunter premieres took place on the following dates:

The Bounty Hunter Film Premiere London, UK – 11 March 2010
The Bounty Hunter Film Premiere New York, USA – 16 March 2010
The Bounty Hunter Film Premiere Paris, France – 28 March 2010
The Bounty Hunter Exposados Film Premiere Madrid, Spain – 30 March 2010
The Bounty Hunter Der Kautions-cop Film Premiere Berlin, Germany – 29 March 2010
Gerard Butler continues to deny rumors that he has been dating Jennifer Aniston. In an interview, Gerard Butler said:

“Listen, it’s been two years of people saying that we’re a couple. It wouldn’t’t make any sense to be denying it for two years. If I was going out with Jennifer, I’d be more than happy to say that I’m going out with Jennifer.” Quote Gerard Butler

Here is an exclusively compiled video clip of all the International The Bounty Hunter Film Premieres for your viewing.
Hit play to start the video:

Summary of the above video clip:
Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston made various sexual jokes on the red carpet, and Gerard Butler explained that it has been necessary for him to tone down his Scottish accent for easy comprehension. Jennifer admits she likes Gerard Butler and Gerard Butler spoke in German at the German Premiere.

There was some controversy over a particular picture from The Bounty Hunter premiere which was posted at TMZ. The picture “apparently” shows Gerard Butler’s hand on Jennifer Aniston’s Butt.


Picture from TMZ’s Website: Gerard Butler’s hand on Jennifer Aniston’s Butt ?

Although some Gerard Butler fans believe the photo was doctored using photo editing software for publicity purposes, others believe the camera gave the illusion of Gerry’s hand being placed on her butt.

Jimmy Kimmel joked about the picture live on his show:

“This is Gerard Butler posing with Jennifer Aniston, he is gripping her in the same way one would grip a bowling ball. Maybe he was trying to shoot a spiderman web up there. They claim to be just friends, they are not romantically linked… but in my day that many missing knuckles means you’re going steady….although maybe he is hiding an engagement ring up there!”

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