From Moscow with Love

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler attended ‘The Endless Battle’ art exhibition in Moscow on the 28th May 2010.

It was a spontaneous visit which surprised the exhibit organizers and also the visitors of the exhibit.

The Contemporary Art exhibit featured work by international, politically-engaged artists as Cyprien Gaillard, Saadane Afif, and Adel Abdessemed.

The exhibition explored the creative potential of confrontation within society. The work of French Philosopher Michel FouCault was a key inspiration in this ‘Supervise and Punish’ project. Michel FouCault argues that society itself consists of a ‘never ending battle’, ‘programmed civilization’ and ‘harmonization’.

Other artists that talked about conflicts in modern society, were Thomas Hirschhorn, Ida Tursik, Wilfred Mill, Raphael Zarka and others.

Gerard Butler thought the exhibition was engaging and mind provocative. He carefully studied the art work and exchanged intellectual views with Maria Baibakova, the curator of the exhibition. The exhibit touches on themes relevant to his latest movie Coriolanus and Another Mans War .

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