Gerard Butler and the lost wedding photos

Gerard Butler at the Good Morning America studio 2010
Gerard Butler at the Good Morning America studio 2010

Gerard Butler wore a leprachuan hat on St Patricks day on the 17/3/2010 as be approached the GMA Studio for a quick interview. Gerard Butler managed to stay awake during the interview despite having no sleep the night before, due to an all night party. The party was in celebration of his latest film release: The bounty hunter.

It was revealed during the interview, that Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston were recently involved in a wedding photo shoot for publicity purposes.

Gerard Butler also revealed that he pulled a wedding prank on his mother, by telling her that he was marrying Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston took the hilarious opportunity to introduce herself on the phone, as her daughter-in-law.

Gerard Butler revealed that his mother was over-the-moon by this ‘news’. He explained that his mother is desperate to get him married off.

When questioned by the interviewer, Gerard Butler confirmed that Jennifer Aniston has spoken to his mother a few times, and that they met the first time at a work function.

Gerard Butler also revealed that Jennifer Aniston and his mother have plans to stay in touch.

Although fans have desperately searched for the wedding photos of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston online, they have not been able to find them. Some Gerard Butler fans believe the photos may never be released in the public eye, due to growing concerns on how the photos would damage Jennifer Aniston’s long term reputation.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston revealed:

“All this, that me and Gerry are in this fake relationship for the press of our movie, or the selling of it — it’s just so insulting,” Quote Jennifer Aniston GMTV Interview 2010.

Anyway, on Good Morning America, Gerard Butler spoke about other topics, including his golfing skills. Gerard Butler described his golfing skills as ‘not bad’.

More interestingly, he revealed that he has a close relationship with his step father as they sometimes play golf together.

Gerard Butler then spoke about his role in a charity called Artists for Peace and Justice.

Gerard Butler then described his thoughts on what would make an ideal date:

“I have a weird ideal first date. It’s either going to be something crazy like you end up jumping on a helicopter and going somewhere mad. Not necessarily a beautiful desert island. A soccer game or something fun! Or simply just walking… New York City is the best place to go on a date… until they invented paparazzi. It’s a little more difficult now.” Gerard Butler Quote GMA 2010

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