Gerard Butler interview – Love bugs and family

Gerard Butler on the David Letterman's The Late Show.
Gerard Butler on the David Letterman’s The Late Show.

Gerard Butler accepted an interview with David Letterman, The Late Show on March the 15th, which was later aired on March 17th across the United states.

The paparazzi caught a quite glimpse of Gerard Butler as he arrived at The Late show Film Studio.

The discussion covered various topics such as Gerard Butler’s background, path to fame and his Scottish heritage.

David Letterman mentioned that some Americans tend to get Scottish and Irish people confused. Gerard Butler said he could understand why people would get confused, because there are some similarities between Scottish and Irish culture, such as drinking. He mentioned then when on to mention that most of his family is Irish.

Gerard Butler also mentioned the climate is very similar (rainy) but then emphasized that Scotland still remains one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Gerard Butler then spoke about his home town, Paisely, which is famous historically for its cotton mills, and international trade.

He mentioned that although he no longer lives in Paisely, his sister is still lives there. His brother, lives in Edinburgh and his parents live in the highlands.

David Letterman mentioned that during the summer time, there tends to be a huge infestation of midges in Paisely. Gerard Butler acknowledge this, and said they are not that bad, in contrast with mosquitos. He appeared to have no idea how long the infestation generally lasts. He then joked that it is no longer his problem.

Gerard Butler then talked about Lovebugs and described their behavior in a rather sexual manner which had the audience laughing.

The topic then moved onto Gerard Butlers photo shoot with Jennifer Aniston for W Magazine.

Gerard Butler mentioned Grease was an influential movie when he was a kid and that John Travolta was his role model.

The interview ended on the subject of accents, and how society assumes people with accents have a superior level of intelligence.

Although this stereotype is debatable, there is a more obvious underlying stereotype in mass media film. For example. directors in Hollywood continue to cast British actors as villains on the big screen. This stereo-type is rather damaging in terms of how the rest of the world view British people and society given the huge influence that mass media film and entertainment has in this world.

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