Gerard Butler interview on The Tonight show: Unpaid debts

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler accepted another interview with Jay Leno in March, on The Tonight Show.

He was later joined by Sofia Vergara, who was not pleased to see Gerard Butler because he still owed her $60 in cash.

Sofia Vergara revealed:

‘He was a damsel in distress at the Chateau Marmont hotel and didn’t have money to pay the valet. I came down the stairs and I see this poor guy fighting with the valet guy and, you know, I speak Spanish and the valet is saying “This guy, he doesn’t have no money to pay… an actor!”.’

‘So I gave him money for the valet and it wasn’t $60 but I didn’t want him to go all night without extra money so I gave him sixty. But that was, like, two years ago so now you owe me like $300!’

Gerard Butler was embarrassed by the whole incident, and apologised for forgetting to pay her back.

The conversion was great entertainment value as the lines were definitely not scripted!

The interview was brief, and included news on his latest film How to train your dragon.

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