Gerry is lovin’ it

Gerard Butler , Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Katzenberg attended the Washington Wizards Vs the LA Lakers NBA match on the 21st March 2010. The L.A Lakers won 99-92. Gerard Butler took a break from his diet by digging into a McDonalds Meal containing approximately 1,354 calories. Gerard Butler recently spoke openly about his diet on national television. He admitted that it has been difficult to remain faithful to his diet due to temptation and enablers in his life. Click here to watch the Gerard Butler interview . Gerry had the audience in laughter as he spoke about his whole dieting experience in detail.The interview demonstrates Gerry’s warm personality and natural ability to connect with a wide audience. Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody have been friends for over a decade. The both previously appeared in a movie called Harrison Flowers , back in 2000. If you have not watched the movie, we strongly recommend that you purchase the DVD from our Gerard Butler Store today.

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