Gerard Butler at the San Diego Comic Con

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard ButlerĀ attendedĀ The San Diego Comic Convention 2006 for the movie 300. He was joined on stage by fellow actors from the 300 film crew.

Gerard Butler responded to a number of questions from the live audience:

“There was a few injuries. At times it seemed like every day somebody else was being carted off to the hospital. There was a couple stunt men got injured. I don’t know about you [turning to co-star David Wenham], but I pulled my groin at one point. And then I got drop foot, and I was flopping around, my foot was flopping around, for like six days, and then I damaged my shoulders from just doing too much, basically overdoing it. What killed us the most were the swords and the shields and the spears,and that was just, like, doing routine after routine and doing it again and again, to get that strength and that stamina and also to get that form. To really look like you knew what you were doing. So there was that, and that went on for months and months, and we’d be doing that between shots, jumping off in the gym with all the stunt guys. But it was great, I mean it was a lot of fun. Especially the early days, when we were all like pretty sh_ty at it.”

[Source: Gerard Butler Interview: San Diego Comic Convention International: July 22 2006]

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