Jennifer Aniston gets wet with Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Filming for The Bounty Hunter film continued this week as scheduled.

Earlier this week, the primary film location was on a golf course in New York.

Gerard Butler was spotted comforting Jennifer Aniston, who was dripping wet from filming a scene involving a golf cart and pond.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

The first photo is of Gerard Butler switching places with his stunt double. Check-out the resemblance!


Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

The second photo is a picture of Gerard Butler comforting Jennifer Aniston after the camera had stopped rolling.


In a recent interview, Gerard Butler described his experience in working with Jennifer Aniston on this project as ‘heaven’:

“I’m in New York right now filming and I’m in heaven. I can’t always say that about movies, but to be filming this romantic comedy with Jennifer and a story that made my side split when I read it – I’m lucky. I’m happy as a pig in sh*t, as they say.”

Although there is media speculation that the two may be romantically linked, Gerard Butler insists their relationship is strictly professional.

Gerard Butler adds: “People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day. That is just annoying”.

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