Gerard Butler takes a poke at Ireland as he does the UK weather forecast on GMTV

Gerard Butler appeared on GMTV yesterday morning to promote his latest movie ‘The Ugly Truth’ and ‘The Ugly Truth UK film premiere’ on Monday 3rd August.

As a special treat for Gerard Butler and the British Nation, he was invited to present the weather forecast.

Gerard Butler did a good job in assisting Clare Nasir in presenting the UK weather forecast.

Gerard Butler was only given limited rehearsal time before the cameras went live. Gerard Butler started off incredibly well, but then required cues from Clare – to complete the entire forecast. Clare was happy to fulfill the role as a weather forecast teacher by quizzing Gerard Butler about different aspects of the British Weather.

Gerard Butler had problems poking at Ireland but managed to hit the spot through sheer bravery and guess work.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler enjoyed every moment of this unique experience, and appeared proud of his performance.

It was very creative for the producers of GMTV to involve Gerard Butler in presenting the weather. It is a good way to raise interest levels in GMTV weather forecasts, and differentiate Gerard Butler’s interview on GMTV from other recent Gerard Butler interviews.

We have uploaded the video footage of Gerard Butler presenting the weather on GMTV for your viewing at the bottom of this page.

Hit the play button to start the footage.

Video: Gerard Butler does the weather forecast on GMTV 2009


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