300 Spartans on the march. Update on Zack Snyder’s 300 movie sequel / prequel

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Gerard Butler is perhaps most famously known for his role as King Leonidas in Zack Snyder’s movie interpretation of 300 the graphic novel (Published by Dark Horse Comics). Gerard Butler did such a convincing role playing King Leonidas – that some movie-goers are a little confused to hear that Action Man Gerry will be appearing in a romantic comedy entitled ‘The Ugly Truth’.

The fact is, Gerard Butler has been playing a diverse range of roles since the start of his acting career which dates back to 1992. It has been 18 years since Gerard Butler first stepped foot on the acting stage.

Our Gerard Butler Filmography is a true reflection of all the roles he has played to date.

300 the prequel:

Frank Miller and Zack Snyder are working closely on bringing ‘300 the sequel’ to life, reveals Mark Canton (the producer) in a recent interview. The movie will be provisionally entitled ‘War of the Gods’ and the movie is scheduled for release in 2014.

The sequel in essence will actually be a pre-quel, because the main cast was killed by the end of the first movie.

War of the Gods will take the story back in time and examine a period that was not covered in detail in the first 300 movie. Towards the end of the last movie, it is known that 10,000 Spartans defeated a large Persian force at Platea, which is in line with the historical Athenian navy movement when they defeated the Persians in the Salamis Battle.

“There’s something that happens in history between Leonidas dying at the Hot Gates and Platea,(Quote: Zack Snyder)

The prequel will focus on the intensive 12 month period in which the battles take place. Zack Snyder is very confident that Frank Miller will help him successfully deliver the hugely anticipated movie.

It is unknown whether Gerard Butler will return to 300 the movie as King Leonidas in the future. Although his character was killed by the end of the first movie, Gerard Butler may still return to a future pre-quel as the director may choose to rewind the story back in time, prior to King Leonidas’s death. Directors have achieved similar creative opportunities in movies such as Star Wars.

For the forthcoming pre-quel – there are rumours that Gerry may return to the pre-quel as a guiding spirit. The director acknowledges there is creative scope for this, and that we should never assume that Gerard Butler has been ruled out for future 300 movie productions.

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