The Ugly Truth Film Review

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

The Ugly Truth is a romantic comedy about the motivations and dynamics between male and female relationships.

This film attempts to contextualize why men and women date.

The writers of this movie, believe men and women seek social connection on different spheres of belonging in relationships.

This belief is captured in the original Ugly Truth Advertising poster through simple yet powerful use of signs and symbols. The poster features a sign representing each gender. The different composition of hearts symbolize the belief that women think with their intellect and men think with their sexual libido in relationships.

In the story, Katherine Heigl plays Abby Richter who is an independent woman and TV show producer.

She has to face the challenge of saving her failing news show hosted by egocentrically insecure Larry (John Micheal Higgins) and his wife Georgia (Cheryl Hines).

A relationship specialist called Mike Chadway (played by Gerard Butler) is hired to work as a guest presenter to save the show from oblivion.

Mike holds a brash, tough love approach towards relationship management. He believes male and female brains are built with significantly different genetic blueprints. He also believes all men are perverse, and therefore a perverse approach is needed to tame the masculine heart. Mikes mantra throughout the movie is to expose the ugly truth about ‘love’ as a regular guest on live morning news.

Although Mike’s approach is successful in attracting an increase in viewing figures, Abby is convinced that Mike’s underlying beliefs in taming the masculine heart is chauvinistic, questionable and lacking in credibility.

She believes not all men are perverse, as this goes against her idealized perceptions about eternal love.

Mike argues her paralysed inability to accept the significance between the masculine and feminine heart is naive. He also believes idealised perceptions about eternal love and finding ‘Mr. Right’ is likely to cause a life long source of disappointment, frustration, tension and eventually downfall in a relationship.

Abby refuses to believe that all men are driven by such basic instincts and agrees to put his theories to the test. She subsequently becomes a pawn in Mikes relationship advice game. Abby’s main motivation in agreeing to this experiment is to watch Mike eat his own words and leave the organisation with his tail between his legs.

This movie relies heavily on the dynamic between the characters played by Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. The relationship between the two characters drive the story forward.

Both leading actors perform well on screen, displaying a complexity of emotions towards each other.

Katherine Heigl seems to fit this role really well, which may be down to her previous experience in performing other romantic comedies such as 27 dresses the movie.

It is refreshing to see Gerard Butler play a different role to those we have already seen in the past.

Gerard Butler is perhaps most remembered for his buff role as King Leonadis in 300, dark & mysterious role as Dracula in Dracula 2000, and Nice guy Gerry in PS I love you.

This role adds variety to his acting resume and will hopefully prevent typecasting in the future

Gerard Butler already has a huge line of upcoming movies, such as How to train your dragon, The Bounty Hunter the film which co stars Jennifer Aniston. Demand for Gerard Butler the Scottish actor continues to increase significantly worldwide.

One key thing to note about this movie, is that although this film is a light-hearted romantic comedy, the story does have some depth. The moral of this story is that although men and women are equal, they are in fact, very different.

Although the gender inequality gap continues to close in modern society, we still need to be aware there are important differences between genders. It could be argued that politically correct thinking about equality is obliterating important discussions and awareness of gender differences in some social circles.

The male and female form are different. Their bodies are different. Their minds are different. Men are different from the very composition of their blood to the ways their brains develop, which means that the way men think and experience life are different to women.

Hence, the moral of this story is to raise awareness of these issues through the dynamics between key characters to convey what every woman should know about men: Men and women are equal but different.

In the pursuit of equality between sexes, some may argue it has the potential to narrow the possibility for discovery of what truly exists within both genders. The world is less interesting when everything is the same.

The nature Vs nurture debate continues.

This film will appeal to Gerard Butler fans and Katherine Heigl fans. The movie as a genre (romantic comedy) is more likely to appeal to a female audience.

Realistically, this movie is unlikely to win an award for originality, but it is worth watching as an option, if you are in the mood for a romantic comedy movie.

Although this film is worth watching, ‘Gamer’ is the Gerard Butler movie to look out for this year.

The Ugly Truth soundtrack “Right Round” by Flo Rida ft. Kesha and be purchased in our Gerard Butler Store.

The Ugly Truth Movie Film Cast:
Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl, Eric Winter, John Micheal Higgins, Nick Searcy, Kevin Connolly, Cheryl Hines, Craig Ferguson

Director: Robert Luketic

The Ugly Truth movie film release date: 24th July 09 in the USA, 14th Aug 09 in the UK.
The Ugly Truth DVD release date: UK: 2010-02-08 USA: 2009-11-10

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The Ugly Truth Film Trailer

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