Gerard Butler GMTV interview on kissing Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler appeared on GMTV on Monday 3rd August 2009 and was interviewed by Carla Romano and Ben Shephard.

Gerard Butler was granted approximately 9 minutes air time on GMTV, 7.5 minutes on their morning chat show and 1.5 minutes GMTV’s weather forecast.

The interview commenced with a inaccurate claim from Carla, that she used to see him swim naked in the swimming pool. She then insisted that she wasn’t joking by explaining that Gerard Butler used to be her neighbor.

The audience later learned that Carla made an inaccurate generalization – What she actually meant, was “semi-naked”.

Anyway, there were a number of topics on discussion. Most notably his experience being back in the UK, accents,The Ugly Truth UK film premiere in London, The Bounty Hunter and kissing Jennifer Aniston in the movie.

Gerard Butler revealed that he returned to the UK on Sunday night (2/8/2009) and that 8 family members will be attending The Ugly Truth Film premiere in London.

Gerard talked about his latest film The Ugly Truth, and Gerard’s experience in working with Katherine Heigl.

The topic then moved onto accents. Carla used her Scottish background to build rapport with Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler could see that Ben was excluded from the interview and tried to involve him with the conversation. Unfortunately, Carla explained to Ben the he wouldn’t understand the topic about accents because it was something that people from Glasgow would understand.

Carla then drew parallels between The Ugly Truth film set (morning tv show) and GMTV (Christopher Cuomo drew a similar parallel for Good Morning America).

Gerry was asked by the presenter whether he would consider a specific role on a TV breakfast show like GMTV? Gerard Butler joked that he would probably take her job and do the entertainment section.

Carla's reaction
Carla’s reaction

Above picture: Carla Romano’s reaction.

The topic then moved onto The Bounty Hunter movie – which is currently in production. Gerard Butler revealed that the movie title has not yet been confirmed, but it should be on the lines of ‘The Bounty’, ‘The Bounty Hunter’.

Gerard Butler stars alongside Jennifer Aniston in this movie.

Gerard Butler clarified again on national tv, that he is not dating Jennifer Aniston. He said if he was dating her, he would say so, because he is not embarrassed by her.

Gerard Butler revealed that there is a kissing scene with Jennifer Aniston in the movie. However the kissing scene has yet to be filmed. Gerard Butler revealed he is excited by the upcoming kissing scene with Jennifer Aniston.

The conversation then moved onto fame. Gerard Butler acknowledged that he now as greater access to a wider range of directors, scripts and company cars to special events – now he is more established as an actor.

The tone & style of the interview on GMTV was different from the recent interviews that Gerard Butler have accepted. The main difference was that GMTV invited Gerard Butler to present the weather forecast.

Although Carla was eager to interview Gerard Butler, she did not flirt as much with Gerard Butler in contrast with Kelly Rippa ‘Regis and Kelly’.

Carla lunges at Gerard Butler
Carla lunges at Gerard Butler

Above picture : Carla Romano almost lunges at Gerard Butler on GMTV

Overall, the interview was insightful.

The producers of GMTV were creative in differentiating the interview by inviting Gerard Butler to present the weather.

It was interesting to learn that there is a kissing scene between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in the Bounty Hunter.

However, the kissing scene is not anything out of the ordinary for Gerard Butler – because he has filmed many on set kissing scenes with leading actresses including Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider The Cradle of life who is co-incidentally linked indirectly to Jennifer Aniston via Brad Pitt.

We have uploaded the interview here for your viewing. Hit play to start the video:


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