Gerard Butler admits involvement in recent relationships in an interview

Gerard Butler the Scottish actor attended another interview on GMTV on the 17th November 2009.

This time, Gerard Butler was interviewed by one, instead of two TV presenters.

The producer’s decision to have Lorraine Kelly interview Gerard Butler instead of Carla Romano and Ben Shephard is to differentiate Gerard Butler’s previous interview on GMTV.

In addition, the decision to have one interviewer instead of two, may be related to public feedback on Gerard Butler’s previous interview on GMTV.

The purpose of Gerard Butler’s latest interview on GMTV was to raise awareness of his latest film Law Abiding Citizen. Gerard Butler and Lorraine Kelly spoke about the Law Abiding Citizen movie which was produced by Gerard Butler himself. Gerard Butler described how the story first caught his attention, and elaborated more about the movie’s plot.

Lorraine was careful not to disclose to much about the movie as the movie does have an unexpected twist at the end.

The subject then moved onto The Law Abiding Citizen film premiere in Glasgow,where Gerard Butler introduced the world to his mother. Gerard Butler revealed that his mother used to be Miss Paisely when she was younger.

Gerard acknowledged that the media is always keen to speculate on his love life on pretty much every female encounter he has had. Gerard Butler admitted his involvement in a few recent relationships which he managed to keep private from the media.

Lorraine then moved back onto the subject of 300 – which is one of Gerard Butler’s most memorable movies to date. Gerard Butler acknowledged there is a possibility of a 300 pre-quel or 300 sequel. reported on the possibility of a pre-quel for 300 back in May 2009. We recommend you read this Gerard Butler article on the creative scope for the next project.

The discussion then moved onto Gerard Butler’s upcoming film ‘How to train your dragon’ where Lorraine mistakenly assumed that Gerard Butler was playing the role of a Dragon. Gerard Butler spoke briefly about his role in the film and joked that he had not seen the ‘How to train your dragon’ film trailer that GMTV shared with the audience.

The audience then learnt from Lorraine that Gerard Butler had recently recovered from an eye infection which started on the day of the Law Abiding Citizen Film premiere in Glasgow.The timing of the eye infection wasn’t great, but at least it recovered.

Finally, Lorraine moved onto the subject of Gerard Butler’s 40th Birthday. Gerard Butler said he was a bit shy & uncomfortable about his age, which is perhaps partly due to us living in a society that doesn’t value aging as much as we should.


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