Gerard Butler attends the Law Abiding Citizen Film Premiere in Glasgow Scotland UK

Gerard Butlers mum
Gerard Butlers mum at the premiere

Gerard Butler attended the Law Abiding Citizen film premiere in Glasgow on Sunday 15 November 2009.

Fans from Japan, America and Norway queued from 6am in the morning at the Glasgow venue to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor. The BBC news reported on the event at the Cineworld complex by interviewing Gerard butler and some of his fans.

Gerard Butler fans expressed their admiration for the actor on live national TV. One particular fan said the public can easily connect with him due to his down-to-earth personality.

Above: Gerard Butler interview with the BBC News at the Law Abiding Citizen Premiere at Glasgow. Gerard Butler fans & Paparazzi go WILD!

Gerard Butler grew up in Glasgow, where he spent most of his younger years. Therefore, the Law Abiding Citizen Premiere in Glasgow was a special experience for the actor. Gerard Butler found himself surrounded by friends, family and people from his past at the event. Gerard Butler had about 70 family members and close friends at the Law Abiding Citizen Premiere in Glasgow.

Gerard Butler was pleasantly surprised with the warm reception, and said this was perhaps one of the best receptions he has had so far. Gerard Butler also revealed “To be able to come back to Glasgow and see that amount of people outside…you can’t ask for more than that.”

Gerard Butler went on to talk about his latest film ‘Law Abiding Citizen’. He said the thing that he loves most about the film, is that it isn’t a black and white story. There’s a lot of texture and color to it.

Above: Gerard Butler interview at the Law abiding Citizen movie premiere in Glasgow November 15th 2009

Gerard Butler wore a traditional scottish kilt at the event, and was happy to introduce his mother to the world and his fans.

Hit the play button on the video unit below to watch Gerard butler introduce his mother to the world, at the Law Abiding Citizen Film premiere in Glasgow Scotland.

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Above: Gerard Butler introduces his mum to the world, at the Law abiding citizen film premiere in Glasgow UK.

The law abiding citizen film premiere in Glasgow, follows the recent Law Abiding Citizen film premieres in Oslo, Norway and the USA.

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