Gerard Butler is fearless in Coriolanus

Gerard Butler will be starring in a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’. He will be starring opposite Ralph Fiennes in this political and family drama. The film cast includes Jessica Chastain, Vanessa Redgrave, Eddie Marsan and William Hurt.

Gerard Butler will play the role of Tullus Aufidius, commander of the Volscian army.

In a recent Gerard Butler interview at 6th Annual Dubai International Film Festival, Gerard Butler revealed that Coriolanus is a low budget movie that doesn’t pay a lot. However, he went on to say that the film is important and of value to him personally.

Both Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes share the perception that the work of Shakespeare is important, and it is their passion to share the work of Shakespeare with the world.

“If I can keep making movies that perform at the box office, then it allows me to go and move into Shakespeare territory…I would always love to go off and make films like ‘Dear Frankie’ or ‘Beowulf’ even when there were larger projects around. In the long run that has paid off, but in the short term — especially when those films didn’t make any money — it can make you a liability. But I wanted to do those films because I loved them.”

Quote Gerard Butler interview on Coriolanus

It is interesting that after so many years of acting, Gerard Butler is going back to his roots, to the beginning where it all started. To elaborate, when Gerard Butler first pursued his ambition to become an actor, it was Steven Berkoff who gave Gerard Butler his first major break as a on stage actor in Coriolanus.

In a recent Gerard Butler interview at 6th Annual Dubai International Film Festival, Gerard Butler revealed that on his first professional day as an on stage theater actor in Coriolanus, he was stabbed in the eye with a wooden stake by a fellow actor. His eye was badly bruised for 2 whole weeks. Gerard Butler is clearly fearless, by agreeing to be involved in the modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

Filming for Coriolanus will commence in Serbia in March 2010. It is likely that Gerard Butler will commence intensive physical training between now and March for this role.

There is no doubt that Gerard Butler will succeed in delivering a convincing physical transformation for this role. We will post updates on this site as they become available.

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