Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globe Awards 2010 Video & report

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston presented the Best Screen play at the Golden Globe Awards 2010 on the 17th January 2010.

The two were flirting harmlessly with each other whilst on stage and in front of the cameras.

There have been media speculation that the two maybe romantically linked, ever since they have been working together on The Bounty Hunter. However, both parties insist they are just good “friends”.

Some  Gerard Butler fans believe there maybe some romance between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. However, some Gerard Butler fans believe the two actors were simply putting on a performance to raise publicity for their up coming movie The Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter is scheduled for release in March 2010.

In an interview. Jennifer Aniston quoted:

“Whether I’m seeing someone or not is nobody’s business but my own. I will say that Gerry Butler is a great person. He’s absolutely fantastic and yes, magical would be a word that I’d throw in there, too. But the rest is my business. No harm in keeping people guessing, right?”

Here is the latest transcript and video footage of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston presenting at the Golden Globe Awards 2010.

Ricky Gervais was the host of the evening, and to our amusement introduced Jennifer Aniston as ‘Rachel from Friends’ and Gerard Butler as ‘the bloke from 300″.

Ricky Gervais, Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston Golden Globe Awards Transcript

Ricky Gervais: This next category, is a bit of a downer to be honest it is for writing. We know that writers get way to much credit in Hollywood and that is due to the generosities of actors sometimes mentioning them. Do you know what I mean? But what would writers do without actors? I don’t want to keep going on about actors, but they’re the most important ones.ok? Its not the words you say. It’s how good you look when you’re saying them. Everyone knows that. The great thing about actors, is that they always want to keep moving forward. They are chameleon, ever changing, and leaving their past behind.

Please welcome Rachel from friends and that bloke from 300.

[Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston walks on stage. Jennifer Aniston bumps her hip flirtatiously at Gerard Butler]

Gerard Butler: It is an honor for us to present this award together.
Jennifer Aniston: Yup. Here are the nominees for best screenplay motion picture.  District 9 – Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell
Gerard Butler: From The Hurt Locker – Mark Boal
Jennifer Aniston: For It’s complicated. Nancy Meyers
Gerard Butler: For Up in the air: Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner
Jennifer Aniston: For Inglorious basterds: Queintin Tarantino
Gerard Butler: and the Golden Globe goes to…
[Jennifer Aniston snuggles up to Gerard Butler and rests her cheek on his shoulder]
[Gerard Butler turns to Jennifer Aniston]
Gerard Butler: Don’t look
Jennifer Aniston: I want to see
[Gerard Butler peeps at the card, Jen looks]
Jennifer Aniston: oh!!
Gerard Butler: Not telling you , now Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, up in the air….

[End of transcript]

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