I don’t know what accent I’m talking in any more

We are currently backdating our Gerard Butler interview archive.

This is an old Gerard Butler interview on ‘Butterfly on a Wheel’ , otherwise known as ‘Shattered’.

The film stars Gerard Butler, Maria Bello & Pierce Brosnan.

Butterfly on a wheel synopsis:
Gerard Butler plays an American guy called Neil Randall. He is married to Abby Randall played by Maria Bello. Their perfect family life is disrupted by an abductor who kidnaps their beautiful daughter Sophie. The film will have you on edge as the kidnapper’s demands and motives are revealed as the film unravels. How far will they go in saving their only child?

In the following video interview (where Gerard Butler appears to be younger!) Gerard Butler describes the film as dynamic, gripping, and unpredictable. He said the film’s ending will shake you up, leave you with views on the situation, such was who was right, who was wrong, who deserved what, and what was unacceptable. The story does not have a definitive ending. Gerard Butler describes this movie as genius.

Gerard Butler reveals the film is an American movie. Therefore, he adopted an appropriate accent for the film.

In the interview, Gerard Butler joked:
“I don’t know what accent I’m talking in any more. I dont even know where I come from anymore!” (Gerard Butler quote)

In the interview, Gerard Butler praised Maria Bello’s performance on this movie and described her as a very good actress. Gerard Butler has kept in touch with Maria Bello over the years since the film was produced. For example, Gerard Butler and Maria Bello are currently supporting a charity to help the earthquake victims of Haiti.

In the interview, Gerard Butler was also full of praise for Pierce Brosnan’s performance, and described him as being very Irish and full of energy.


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