The Phantom Photographer

Gerard Butler's public kissing display gerardbutlergamer Gerard Butler's public kissing display

Pictures above: Gerard Butler’s day on 23/01/2010. Gerard Butler is seen walking with 2 acquaintances early in the day. They then vanish when this ‘paparazzi’ picture is taken, and is seen by his side later in the evening. They vanish again when video footage is taken of Gerard Butler kissing this mysterious violinist. Who are these acquaintances bearing video and professional camera equipment?

Gerard Butler news – The Phantom Photographer

Further to our previous article entitled: The Phantom Kiss Vs Stunt of the night, new images of Gerard Butler’s day out with two ‘friends’ carrying video recording and professional picture equipment, have emerged on the internet. Ironically, these photos were taken on January 23rd 2010-the same day that Gerard Butler Kissed the Violinist.

One particular picture has caught the attention of various Gerard Butler fans; an image of Gerard Butler standing in front of a book / video store whilst on the phone. Various media owners have published this image highlighting the amusing co-incidence of Gerard Butler standing in front of a book / video store bearing the Gamer movie poster behind him.

The casual nature of this photo may seem ordinary, yet there may be more to it than meets the eye. Some Gerard Butler fans are questioning whether or not this “paparazzi” picture of Gerard Butler standing in front a Gamer DVD advertisement was truly a ‘coincidence’?

An intriguing question arises upon careful observation: Who was this mysterious photographer? When contemplating the answer to this question, some Gerard Butler fans believe that the photographer may have been one of Gerard Butler’s photographer friends who mysteriously vanished from his side.

But why would one of his photographer friends take a “paparazzi” picture of Gerard Butler in front of a Gamer DVD release poster? It is an intriguing question that some Gerard Butler fans have pondered. Still some have concluded by piecing the puzzle together, that perhaps Gerard Butler’s PR Agent was employing a clever yet effective marketing technique.

Since nearly all Gerard Butler photos are highly publicized through the media, some Gerard Butler fans believe Gerard Butler’s agent purposefully arranged this photo opportunity in an effort to promote his Film without having to pay media owners advertising fees.

Gerard Butler fans remain divided on whether this photo shoot was staged.

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