Gerard Butler attends the Holy Rollers premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

Gerard Butler attended the Holy Rollers screening at the Sundance Film Festival at Eccles Center Theater in Park City, Utah. on January 25th 2010.

The Sundance Film Festival is an important event. Something so powerful as Film should be celebrated and understood.

The event is backed by the Sundance Film Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences.

Gerard Butler met with various independent artists, directors and industry figures at the event. He was seen chatting Kevin Asch, Antonio Macia, Jesse Eisenberg and others.

Gerard Butler was inspired by the work presented to him and the audience at the Film Festival. The photograph displayed above, captures a glimpse of inspiration within Gerard Butler. There is no doubt that Gerard Butler will attend the event next year.

Holy Rollers synopsis:

Holy Rollers is a film inspired by actual events. Holy Rollers about two Hasidic Jews who become part of an ecstasy smuggling ring in the 1990s. The story examines the inner complexities of emotion deriving from a chaotic world of conflicting cultures and ideologies. The story also examines the dynamics between the key characters, and how this interacts with the outer worlds represented by Brooklyn’s Hasidic community and the drug scene in Amsterdam.

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