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Gerard Butler spent the earlier part of this week greeting fans and signing autographs in Brazil. On Monday, he wore his favorite Colorado Teeshirt and Sunshades in Rio de Janeiro. As the sun blazed away, Gerard Butler eventually stripped off his top as a means to cool down. It was also an opportunity for Gerard Butler to show off his masculine physique and Mexican tan.

Gerard Butler had an incredible Valentines day. He spent Valentines 2010 in the company of attractive men and women in Brazil such as Rodrigo Santoro, Rita Guedes and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Gerard Butler was pictured with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, twice in Brazil. Gerard Butler was first pictured with Nicole Scherzinger on Valentines day (14/02/2010). Gerard Butler was then pictured again with Nicole Scherzinger the following Monday (15/02/2010). Some fans believe the meeting may have been a co-incidence, others believe the meeting was planned either socially or for publicity purposes.

Although there is media speculation that Gerard Butler maybe romantically linked with Jennifer Aniston, some media spectators believe the two actors have been advised by PR specialists, to deploy various publicity stunts and strategies to maximize free publicity for their upcoming movie The Bounty Hunter. By fueling rumors of a possible romantic link, the actors will be able to raise awareness of their movie without having to pay significant fees towards advertising.

Media spectators without psychic abilities predict that romance rumors between Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler will die down, once the movie leaves the cinema / movie theater. Media spectators also predict that the rumors may potentially return briefly when the movie is scheduled for general DVD and blu ray release.

Bookmakers are accepting all kinds of bets at present. International bookmakers Ladbrokes believe there is a 10/1 chance that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will reunite before the end of 2010. Sky Bet recently issued 3/1 chance of a reunion.

Anyway, Gerard Butler remains one Hollywood’s most desirable bachelors at present and is still up for grabs.

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