Gerard Butler is a rebel without a cause

We have acquired a Gerard Butler interview from Brazil, for our Gerard Butler fans.

Summary of the main Gerard Butler interview:

The Brazilian interviewer, asked Gerard Butler on his thoughts on the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Gerard Butler described the Carnival as ‘incredible’ and expressed his enjoyment in watching people prepare for the event. He acknowledged the work, effort, love and passion that people had put into bringing this carnival alive. He felt honored to be part of the carnival.

The Brazilian interviewer then asked Gerard Butler to recite the lines ‘This is Sparta!’ from 300, in front of the camera.

It was clear that the Brazilian interviewer wanted Gerard Butler to deliver a similar performance he did on the BBC’s Jonathan Ross show, for his Brazilian audience.

Gerard Butler was initially reluctant to recite the lines, but caved in after the interviewer begged him to do so. Gerard Butler recited the lines without any enthusiasm, then grinned cheekily “I can’t do any more than that, I am not a performing monkey!”.

Although the Brazilian interviewer did not take offense to Gerry’s cheekiness, we can understand why the interviewer was slightly disappointed in Gerard Butler’s half-hearted response.

So is Gerard Butler a rebel without a cause?

Well, It can be tiring for celebrities having to answer identical questions from interviewers over time. Gerard Butler’s response was quite refreshing in the sense that it was unpredictable and entertaining. Although the interviewer did not get the response that he wanted for his Brazilian audience, the Brazilian interviewer did get a refreshing, unanticipated and unique response from Gerard Butler.

Gerard Butler was in full party mode when he was grabbed by the Brazilian interviewer. Therefore it is understandable that Gerard Butler wanted to turn-off his work responsibilities momentarily to enjoy the spirit of the Brazilian carnival.

In summary, Gerard Butler handled the interview quite well. It is good that Gerard Butler understands Brazilian humour and was able to anticipate the response that he received. A response like this in Japan however, may not have gone down as smoothly as it did in Brazil.

Gerard Butler Interview in Brazil : Funny Monkey Dance at the end

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