Gerard Butler is “The Man Upstairs”

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Above pictures: Gerard Butler’s potential new penthouse


This report follows our previous article on Gerard Butler’s apartment in NYC and home in LA. The article was published a few days ago.

Since then, Gerard Butler has been planning on getting a new penthouse apartment in downtown New York.

According to Splash News, Gerard Butler and Hugh Grant have their eyes set on the same penthouse apartment in New York. Rest assured, they are not moving in together! Instead, they will place a blind bid for the apartment, which will leave the current property owners at least $15.45 millions richer.

It is alleged that both Hugh Grant and Gerard Butler have visited the 4,862 square foot penthouse conversion, which is comprised of three bedrooms.

The historical building is on the National Register of Historical Places (Building #80002671). It has had a colorful life to date. The building is over one hundred years old and was designed by Henry Engelbert and constructed between 1873-74 as the Bond Street Saving Bank. The cast iron building is a rare example of the French Second Empire style. After the bank moved premises, the place was used to store fabric and was later converted to an off Broadway theater called Bouwerie Lane Theater in 1963. The Bouwerie Lane Theater housed many plays and musicals including The Immoralist (1963) with Frank Langella, Dames at Sea (1968), Night and Day (2000) by Tom Stoppard, Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera (2003), and the final production, Moliere’s The Miser (2006).

Adam Gordon then bought the building in 2007 and converted it to a private mansion with two storefronts. Actors who previously lived at this property include Jane Russell, Lauren Hutton, and Frank Langella. Celebrities (such as Naomi Watts and Ricky Martin) live within walking distance of this building.

If Gerard Butler is successful in bidding for this apartment, then it will be an upgrade from his current apartment in New York.

The penthouse conversion has a more modern and contemporary feel to it.The premises includes a wine-tasting room, 1,277 square feet of outdoor space,a roof deck and a terrace. A basement is also included with the property, providing an extra 1,510 square foot for a lap pool or general storage.

However, although it is alleged that Gerard Butler is interested in this property, it is unclear if Gerard Butler will place a successful bid for this property. If not, Gerard Butler will be stuck with his current property in New York.

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