Megan Fox is Gerard Butler’s “Girl Next Door”

Celebrities know how to live the life of luxury, and Scottish Actor Gerard Butler is no exception. Gerard Butler has hit it big in the film industry over the past decade, and his luxurious estates are a mirror image of this success. Gerard Butler’s arsenal of real-estate is impressive enough to make any middle class individual jealous. The renowned actor possess extravagant property on both coasts of the United States, and his home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles (pictured below) is impressive to say the least. Gerard Butler’s Los Angeles estate is a whopping 6,250 square feet and sports a Spanish villa style of architecture complete with walnut floors, a living room with a fireplace, a family media room, a pool and spa, waterworks style baths, stained glass and, gorgeous city views.

Gerard Butlers home Gerard Butlers home Gerard Butlers home Gerard Butlers home Gerard Butlers home Gerard Butlers home

Above: Gerard Butler’s home

For Gerard Butler, The phrase “Girl next door” takes on a whole new meaning. Megan Fox, Katherine Heigl, and Liv Tyler, all live within walking distance from Gerard Butler. Megan Fox resides only 0.1km from the Gerard Butler estate, and Catherine Heigl and Liv Tyler both have homes located less than 1km down the road. To the average observer, Gerard Butler lives in a dream neighborhood.

Neighborhood photos of Gerard Butler's home in Los Angeles.
Neighborhood photos of Gerard Butler’s home in Los Angeles.

Although Gerard Butler’s home in Los Feliz is extravagant (to say the least) the 300 star possesses yet another dwelling place. Gerard Butler’s New York apartment is certainly a topic worthy of discussion. The property has a dark, haunting feel to it with a very rustic interior design. It invokes a feeling of agelessness as if the interior of medieval castle was frozen in time; left undisturbed for some future return.

Winding stair cases and dimly lit rooms greet the onlooker upon exploration of Gerard butler’s apartment. Much of the furniture is etched out of solid wood, and stone walls surround the interior, unadorned by feminine tastes. A large leather chair looms in one of the rooms like the throne of a forgotten king. The whole environment invokes a lonely and very depressing feeling. The architecture harbors a faint memory of times long past, and (from the look of it) it could easily be the lair of some mysterious phantom. Scenes from The Phantom of the Opera could have (conveniently) been filmed in Gerard Butler’s apartment without disturbing the dark, solitary nature of the epic. Perhaps Gerard Butler identifies very closely with his former masked character?

Gerard Butlers home in New York
Gerard Butlers home in New York

Despite the luxuriousness of Gerard Butler’s American dwelling places, his heart will always remain in Scotland. It is the place where he grew up and, subsequently, the country which he identifies as home. Gerard Butler can be quoted saying:

“I miss the people and the countryside. Scotland is such a beautiful country, and I know that whenever I return and look at that it’s like big therapy for me, everything relaxes, and I’m inspired and relaxed all at once.” Gerard Butler interview quote.

Indeed, it can be concluded that home is not where you live, it’s where your heart is.


Above Picture: Beautiful Scottish country side. Gerard Butler’s homeland.

***Update*** Gerard Butler refurbished his New York apartment shortly after this article was released *** Update ***

Please refer to our new article on Gerard Butler ‘s newly refurbished New York Apartment (Works completed May 2010).

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