Gerard Butler has his cake and eats it

Gerard Butler holding an award
Gerard Butler holding an award

Gerard Butler appeared on Regis and Kelly again on the 18th March 2010. The opening topic, was Gerard Butler’s new film, Coriolanus, and Gerard Butler’s diet.

Regis the interviewer mentioned that Jennifer Aniston previously appeared on the show and mentioned that Gerard Butler was having enormous difficulty sticking to his diet. She revealed that he often cheated a bit with little cup cakes.

Gerard Butler confessed to having a weakness for cup cakes, but defended himself by saying Jennifer encouraged him to break his diet by sending him one cup cake after another.

Gerard Butler talked about his trip to Mexico to celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s birthday and highlighted that it was a group celebration.

Gerard Butler then spoke about the Governors ball, where he had the privilege to dine with Barbra Streisand.

The topic then moved onto Gerard Butlers home. Gerry described his home as a ‘castle’. Regis joked that it was a place where Gerard Butler could potentially bring young girls. Gerard Butler laughed ‘How young?’, to which Regis answered, 68 year olds.

The audience was then introduced to his mother, who was sitting on the front row in the studio.

Gerry then spoke about his new film The bounty hunter.

Lastly, Gerard Butler was presented with a dancing award, for outstanding moves on the show.

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