Gerard Butler talks about rejection

Gerard Butler tries to impress th LA Lakers cheerleaders with a high kick.
Gerard Butler tries to impress th LA Lakers cheerleaders with a high kick.

Gerard Butler accepted an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on March 24th 2010.

Gerard Butler was greeted by a roaring crowd of Gerard Butler fans in the audience.

The interview touched on a broad range of subjects. The first subject was other famous Gerard Butlers, such as the soul singer and porn star. Jimmy joked that it would be nice to have the porn star on the show to.

Jimmy questioned whether it is good practice to promote two movies at the same time? Gerard Butler wasn’t sure, but said it is hard work. Gerard Butler revealed that in the last 3 weeks, he has doing about 50-60 interviews a day.

Jimmy noted that Gerard Butler has been traveling around the world to promote his movies. He then queried whether there are any countries that aren’t worth visiting? Jimmy suggested Germany as a joke. Although the audience found that remark funny, Gerard Butler was smart not to neglect his German fans by saying that he likes Germany, in fact he recently won a Man of the Year Award from GQ Germany. Gerard Butler was very careful in his response because he values all his fans from around the world. He mentioned he will soon return to Paris, Berlin and Madrid to promote How to Train your Dragon.

Jimmy Kimmel then asked Gerard Butler to reveal more about his restrictive diet. Gerard Butler mentioned that he went on a 16 days cleanse, and restricted himself to 500 calories a day. This involved measuring all his food portions with scales. For breakfast, he would have half a grapefruit and had to complete an intensive training program every day. Gerard Butler joked it was all rather depressing.

Jimmy then presented the audience with a picture of Gerard Butler eating a McDonalds. This had the audience in hysterical laughter. Jimmy then presented the audience with a picture of Gerard Butler with his leg up in the air, in front of the LA Lakers Cheerleaders (See picture above). Gerard butler explained that after the LA Lakers game, all the LA Lakers girls lined up to see him. He joked that he was one of the new cheerleaders and tried to do a kick and pulled his groin in the process.

Jimmy then moved onto the topic of rejection.

Gerard Butler revealed that he gets less attention now that he has a beard. He then spoke about his the girls who broke his heart when he was 15-16. Gerry screamed “Carol-Ann Nicole Clinton – bi*ch!” in a sudden outburst as he relived one of his childhood crushes.

He added, “She flirted outrageously with me… always pretending that we were boyfriend/girlfriend, until I made my huge attraction to her clear – at which point she said, ‘I’m not the slightest bit interested,’ and it killed me.”

Gerard Butler then continued “This girl, Julie Morrison…, was the one you’d end up round the back of the bike sheds with… I’ll never forget her walking up the stairs… and I said something to her and then I gave her a long, lingering look… and she looked at me and gave me these come-to-bed eyes.”

Other heartbreakers that were mentioned were Caroline McLaughlin and Tracy Turner.

The closing subject was his latest movie How to train your dragon. Jimmy said the film looks great, and joked if it’s much harder to do voice over in 3d?

The interview was very entertaining for the audience.

However Gerard Butler realized that he was wrong to name-check his teenage crushes on US TV. Gerard Butler personally apologized to the women in concern by insisting that his comments were just for fun.

In an interview, Julie Morrison quoted:

“I have known Gerry for 30 years and we are great pals. We will be great pals for another 30 years. What he said was typical Gerry – he is just a fun, mischievous, cheeky chappy kind of guy… What he said has been misconstrued. He was making lighthearted comments to amuse an audience. None of it was meant to be taken seriously. I know Gerry has been shocked by how people have painted him out to be a bad guy and he got his lawyers involved. I keep in touch with him but I was surprised to get the call out of the blue. He just told me what I knew – that it was a bit of fun…I had never even heard of the show let alone seen it so I was really surprised by this. I have people phoning me up to see if I’m OK about it but it was just a good laugh. I am not in the least offended… It was hysterical and I’m not taking anything to heart.” Julie Morrisson quote. 2010.


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